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Our readers are your audience.

If you run a family-focused business, you need to be in Lincoln Kids Magazine. LK is Lincoln's trusted source for all things family, reaching the largest local parent audience of over 18,000 families each season and growing every year.  

Lincoln Kids is a small, from-scratch, locally owned business that provides an effective advertising platform for family and kid-focused organizations. Each issue is a professionally crafted, attractive magazine that showcases advertisements from family & kid-friendly businesses, organizations, and nonprofits. From simple directory listings to eye-catching magazine displays to clickable online advertisements, Lincoln Kids has a variety of advertising options to meet your marketing needs and budget.

Join hundreds of businesses seen by thousands of families—advertise in Lincoln Kids Magazine today!

Get to know our audience:
  • Reader demographic: Parents, caretakers, and educators of children ages 0-14.
  • 72% moms, 22% dads, and 6% "other" (nanny, teacher, grandparent, etc.)
  • Average number of children per household: 2.25 (range: 1-9)

Why advertise with a magazine?

Magazines are effective. People read magazines for their content, and LK's content is local organizations, family events, kid-friendly activities, and parenting community resources. In our last readership survey (December 2018), every single reader said they read LK specifically to view the advertisements—they want to know about YOU! 

People spend time with magazines, giving you more time to connect with your ideal customer, share your message, and make a deeper, more memorable impression. When's the last time you went to a website to see the banner ads? Or tuned into the radio for the commercial breaks? Or couldn't wait to see what ad pops up on online? These ads are generally seen as intrusive and distracting, and reports show digital blindness is constantly increasing. But that's not the case with traditional media, like magazines—especially hyper-local ones like Lincoln Kids. Our readers love our ads. Let's work together—we'd love to send families your way!

What do we recommend?

If you're looking to put your business in front of local families, Lincoln Kids is a perfect fit. Whether you want to make a big splash, announce an event, or go steady with maintenance marketing, we are here to support your local businesses and help you become a household name.

There are a lot of layers to an effective marketing plan, but it doesn't need to be complicated. The key components are frequency and consistency. The average consumer takes 4-10 impressions (frequency) before making a decision about a business, and those impressions need to have familiarity (consistency) to count. Impressions can and should come from a variety of outlets, and knowing your audience and figuring out how to reach them will help you decide where and how to invest your marketing dollars. 

Lincoln Kids Magazine offers a wide range of ad sizes, styles, and packages to help you maximize your investment with us. We offer and encourage frequency discounts to help you reach the most people, get the best bang for your buck, and see a greater return on your investment. We also provide low-cost professional ad design for Lincoln Kids materials , and if you are in need of a freelance designer for other, non-LK marketing items, we offer a competitive rate when scheduling is available.

If you have any questions, please send us an email. Same with suggestions—we grow and do better based on feedback. We look forward to helping you!

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