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Lincoln Kids Magazine

Meet the Publisher

Hi! I'm Karla Goerl, the one-woman show behind Lincoln Kids. I am wife to Bennett and mom to Kenny. Our rambunctious child keeps us on our toes and inspires us to constantly drum up energy. We have two cats, a nice one named Cooper and a mean one named Willow, as well as a rabbit named Bunny-Roo. I also have a very close relationship with my Nespresso machine.

I am a middle child and best friends with my three sisters and mom. In my spare time (haha, what's that?) I am an artist, learner, and explorer. My favorite creative outlet is painting, but I also enjoy drawing, crafting, sculpting, sewing, writing, and graphic design. I hope to visit all the US National Parks and take in as much international travel as I can. I enjoy road-tripping, camping, fishing, and exploring the woods. I love flying and nearly became a flight attendant before going to college. One of my favorite tourism activities is visiting museums and viewing architecture (I can't resist popping into an old cathedral). 

My kid is my purpose and my husband is my rock and super-best-friend. Bennett is an amazing father to Kenny, especially during deadlines when I work around the clock. We are a family of explorers and dreamers and hope one day to spend a few years being nomadic.

About Lincoln Kids Magazine

Lincoln Kids is a free, seasonal publication for families in the Lincoln area. Our magazine is geared towards parents of children ages 0-14. We feature advertisements for local businesses, informative articles from experts in the community, and the artistic works of local youth. Lincoln Kids is the essential connection point between area families and the businesses that cater to them.

Lincoln Kids started when I was just six or seven years old, and I am the second owner-publisher. My father-in-law, Mark, started Lincoln Kids as a newspaper when Bennett was in middle school. He found inspiration after stumbling upon a similar publication that just launched in New Mexico. He brought the concept back to Nebraska, and Lincoln Kids! Newspaper took off from there. Lincoln truly is a fantastic place to raise a family, with countless opportunities for kids and an outpouring of resources for parents. I give a lot of credit to Mark for helping dozens and dozens of businesses grow deep roots and find success in our city. Mark continued to publish the newspaper with no solid plans for retirement—that is, until I came onto the scene. As I got to know Bennett's parents and they got to know me, the wheels started turning and the opportunity for Mark to retire came into view. In 2014 he began training me in the ways of publishing, and in 2016, Bennett and I purchased Lincoln Kids Newspaper from Mark. Since then, I've taken on LK triple-full-time, growing it and developing it into a modern magazine and online community resource that it is today.

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Hi! I'm Karla, and this is my Lincoln Kid, Kenny.

We love this city and sharing it with you. With so much to see and do, there is never a boring day unless we plan one. Please follow us on social and check back often for new events. Thanks for stopping by!