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Winter Edition Now Available!

Dear Lincoln Kids Readers,

The holiday season has arrived and winter activities will soon be in full swing. I tend to get very aspirational around mid-November about all the festive activities and beautiful present wrapping that I plan to do. Then December 21 arrives and it’s not unlike me to still be ordering presents for those I love dear… and wrapping them frantically until December 24. I really admire the people who get their shopping and wrapping done by December 1, but I’m here to tell you that’s it’s 100% OK if you don’t have it all done in the way that an Instagram family might encourage you to do it. 

Speaking of Instagram, have you followed us on our page? We’re known to give real life advice about our mistakes and our occasional wins. It’s a great page to follow if you’re all about being an “OK Parent.” We’re not out to win any perfection awards and that’s exactly how we like to live. 

This issue we’ve introduced a special column from a Disgruntled Dad. We hope you find his dry humor entertaining and that you get a few good laughs in your day. We are also bringing hope and inspiring stories for you to feel encouraged. We have so many talented kids and families sprinkled throughout the magazine and we can’t wait for you to read more about them. 

I’ll be thinking about you all this holiday season. I know it can be a season of great joy and also a difficult time for many families. My hope is that you feel loved and cared for and that you get to experience the magic of the season in unique ways - big and small. 

Until Spring, 

Christine Weeks, Publisher

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