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‘Tis the Season to Recycle!

While these are great examples of items that can be recycled, not all paper or plastic can be recycled and there are certain rules to follow when recycling glass. Willa DiCostanzo, the Waste Diversion Coordinator for the City of Lincoln, wants citizens to give everyone involved in the recycling process the gift of putting the right items into your recycling bin this holiday season!

Everything that’s put into your recycling bin eventually is taken to a recycling processing center. Once the materials are there, they are sorted by staff as they move along a conveyor belt. Contamination of recyclable items is a big problem. The following items do not belong in a recycling bin:

  • plastic film or grocery bags
  • dirty containers
  • bagged recyclables
  • broken or usable toys
  • tangling items such as hoses, holiday lights, ribbons, and bows

Items such as glass bottles often have their own stream separate from the rest of the recyclables. This helps to keep broken glass out of the rest of the material!

What about holiday paper wrap?

Holiday wrapping paper can be pretty to look at, but it’s important to think about where that wrapping paper goes after its’ one-time use. Some wrapping paper can be recycled but some cannot. Here are some tips to tell if your wrapping paper is recyclable or not:

Recycling Help

Do you have more questions about items your guests brought you to recycle this holiday season? Visit our website for our “What Bin Does It Go In?” search tool.  This tool will help you navigate how to reduce waste and put the right items in your recycling bin this holiday season and year-round.  Internet out? No problem, you can also call the City of Lincoln Recycling Hotline at 402-441-8215.

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