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Our Spring Issue Has Arrived!

Dear Lincoln Kids Readers,

It’s Spring 2020…. just kidding, but it does kind of feel that way. We don’t know whether to plan events, to go to events, to take the test, or to keep all those masks for another year.

But one thing we can control is how we respond to all of these things. We can always choose kindness and positivity, instead of spreading more negativity into the world.

Speaking of positives, there are so many summer camps for your kids to enjoy this year! And I say, let’s go for it. From Camp Sonshine to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo, your kids can still have those summer adventures.

In this edition of Lincoln Kids, we hope you’ll find fun activities in our magazine and new businesses to connect with in-person. Our advertisers are truly incredible and they are doing everything they can to provide the most amazing opportunities for your kids.

I know that times are tough and many things still feel hard, but you can bring the hope to your home and your child. You got this!

To brighter days ahead,

Christine Weeks
Owner / Publisher

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