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Meet the Team at Sylvan Learning

Our Center Directors

A big reason why we have had such great success at Sylvan is because of our passionate, intelligent, and hard-working team. Meet our Owner and our Center Directors. They are the heart of this organization and they truly love what they do. When asked what makes Sylvan great, why they love what they do at Sylvan, and what advice they have for parents and students who are considering the Sylvan experience, here is what they said:

“There is nothing like the connection and relationships we build with both parents and students. Often, the work we do with the kids also helps to empower the parents to ask more informed questions of the school teachers when things get difficult.” 

— Wes, Lincoln Center Director

“Sylvan is centered around the well-being of people: the students, parents, teachers, staff, and community. We have a very close-knit team at Sylvan and maintaining a welcoming environment is modeled and encouraged.”   

— Hailey, Lincoln Director of Education

“I love that our programs meet students at their level and build them up with mastery-based lessons. Not only do I get to watch students attain academic goals, but I also get to see their confidence and study habits grow as well. There is no greater feeling than to see a student pick up a book and feel successful and proud or to see a student attain his or her desired grade point average or ACT score. I love being a part of each student’s unique educational story.”

— Kelly, Bellevue Director of Education

“Progress doesn’t always look like what we think it should and not everything that is meaningful can be measured. The progress we make for every kid at Sylvan looks a little different and we will show it the best way we can. As parents, we have to trust the process and know that kids are learning and growing and making progress — but it isn’t always on a trajectory we can predict.” 

— Trudy, Bellevue Director of Education

“In the last two years, I’ve seen so many success stories and watched struggling students become more and more confident in their abilities and actually get excited about their tutoring sessions and mastering skills. I’m so proud to be on this team and love working with our families!” 

— Molly, Omaha Director of Education

“I love to smile and laugh and share it with others, especially children. The ‘aha’ moments we share, with all kids from pre-K to high schoolers, are what makes this environment so special. These kids walk in a little defeated, and when they leave, you know they are leaving with more knowledge and confidence than they showed up with – and that you were the one there to support them. That means everything.”

— Brittney, Omaha Center Director

“My mother-in-law was the previous owner. She was my role model and extremely passionate about education and leadership. I loved listening to her talking about the connections she had with the families we serve. The kids gave her so much energy and it filled her up. That is part of why I joined Sylvan when she asked me to take over.”

— Missy, Sylvan Owner

Thank you, Sylvan Learning!

“Ziya started at Sylvan at the beginning of her 3rd-grade year. This was about 6 months after the pandemic had started. Her reading and math scores had dropped to a 2nd-grade level and her confidence was non-existent when it came to school work. While she had the support of two parents, grandparents, and multiple staff at her school, she really needed some additional, individualized support. Her resource counselor created her an IEP (individualized education program), and while I was thankful she had different groups to attend, and a lessened requirement on testing and homework, that additional help was only about 30 minutes per day.

After researching Sylvan programs and seeing all of the people they have helped, we decided to do a tour. The space was clean, bright, and welcoming.

Ziya was hesitant to start, however, once she met Ms. Liz and Ms. Katie she was all in. She said they were both very smart, helpful, and nice. She attended the center 2-3 times a week for 11 months. I am proud to say her confidence, comprehension, and test scores greatly improved. She is now a whole new kid! She said when her teachers told her how much she had improved,  she felt proud of herself and knew that her hard work paid off. Her teachers were also grateful for the additional support. I would highly recommend Sylvan to any parent or child!

— Ashley, Ziya’s Proud Mother

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