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What’s Up, Doc?

Get to know one of our favorites! Dr. Emily Willett – Orthodontist, Mother, Business Owner, and an All-Around Exceptional Human 

Meet Dr. Emily Willett of Lincoln Orthodontics

Lincoln Orthodontics is a place where passion greets patients with a smile, straight talk, and real results. Dr. Willett is one-of-a-kind and she has created a very exceptional place to come get orthodontic treatment. Let’s have some straight-talk with the Doctor herself. 

Why did you become an orthodontist?

When I was growing up, I really admired my orthodontist. He cared about me as a person and I was able to see great results in my smile from his orthodontic care. Witnessing those results first-hand and seeing how he truly cared for his patients definitely impacted my life. 

Seeing his work made me intrigued about a career in healthcare. I thought about all of my options and I kept being drawn back to orthodontics because I would get to work with people of all ages who would also have a generally happy experience. 

Was being an Orthodontist your first job? 

Well, like a lot of kids, growing up I had a paper route, I was a lifeguard, and I was a counselor at a summer camp, but I guess technically dentistry was my first real job. I was a general dentist during my orthodontics residency. I did this because I thought it would eventually make me a better orthodontist. I wanted to know what a day in their shoes would be like, so I could connect and communicate well with future patients and referring dentists. It was always about the end goal. 

One thing I’m passionate about is making sure everyone has access to excellent dental care. I have an active dental license in South Dakota and I go back there to provide dental services to people living on the reservations. 

Did you always know you wanted to have your own practice?

In dentistry and orthodontics, you are a healthcare professional, but you can also be a small business owner. When I met Dr. Paula Harre, who was a very successful business owner, I was inspired to follow in her footsteps. She has been an incredible role model for me and still steps in to help, when my babies are born. In fact, my patients will be able to see Dr. Harre this March when we welcome our third child into our family.

What do you love about the kids you work with? 

Building relationships with my patients and their families is a blessing. I especially like to find out what makes them tick and to see how I can positively influence and ask them questions about their lives. I try to learn things about them and follow up with them at the next visit. 

What is unique about your practice? 

  1. Our patient experience is like no other, and our honest, hardworking team loves our patients. That’s why we created a patient experience that is straight-up fun. But really, we wanted to spoil and thank our patients in a way that reflects us. We partner with businesses that sell smoothies, ice cream, and fun experiences to ease the pain of braces. The idea behind this experience is to show our patients that they get a fun experience with real results, and although it might hurt, we try to ease some of the pain because we care.
  2. We work really hard to support our patients so they can get their treatment in the least amount of time with the best results. 
  3. We offer braces and Invisalign for the same price!
  4. We also see real people with real budgets. We have options so people can pay over time. 
  5. We love people of all ages. Braces are not just for kids and we love our adult patients just as much as the young ones. 

Is there anything else exciting happening in your office that we should know about? 

We are well on our way to having seven babies in seven months among our team!

If you want real people, real fun, and real results, come to Lincoln Orthodontics for a free consult. We can’t wait to meet you. 

Come see us at 6825 S 27th St # 202, Lincoln, NE 68512, call (402) 489-8841 or visit

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