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Leading With Light

Aug 23, 2021 ● By Sean Flattery

Note from the Editor: 

I’ve admired Alicia for years. She consistently leads with positivity and love. We share the same belief that you can blend motherhood, friendship, and owning a business into your life. Here’s her story! 

Tell us a little about yourself and your kiddos.

Oh Hi! I’m Alicia Reisinger. 

I’m a documentary filmmaker and storyteller by trade. I met and married this crazy adventurer docu maker in Chicago. We have four kids: Navy, 9, Satchel, 8, Oxley, 4, and Maslow, 2. 

When did you decide to start Wax Buffalo?

I am a candle maker. I am a girl boss. I am a mama. Those things are not separate to me; in fact, they perfectly merge into my simplest, happiest life.

My first baby girl was born with a cleft lip and palate. I think the shock of her birth really forced me to reflect on what was important in my life. At the time I was traveling the world as a TV producer and on-air host for a television show called Footnote. Navy, my daughter, turned my world upside down in a really beautiful way. In the process, I slowly found candles again. Something I had loved as a child, the art of candle making. 

What’s the story behind the company?

The first candle I ever poured was a Christmas gift for my grandma Ferne when I was 14. My grandma loved candles. I lost my sweet little Ferne a few years ago. I think in my mourning and loss for her I reached back to my roots and began pouring candles again more steadily. 

Between my experiences with Navy and my sweet Ferne I realized that finding a balance of work and play and care and love was the ultimate goal. I had created that for myself with this tiny brand and as we started to grow, I looked toward others that think with a similar perspective— women that have these beautiful dreams and lives. In this little space, we encourage each other, we collaborate and push each other, and we laugh. We laugh a lot.

What makes Wax Buffalo unique?

We hand pour pure soy candles here in Lincoln.

Our scents are reminiscent of travel and stories, and when you pick up a Wax Buffalo candle, we believe you’re transported back to those memories in a beautiful way. 

We are in over 300 stores and boutiques across the country including our biggest wholesaler, Whole Foods. 

What’s been the best piece of “mom” advice that you ever received?

Long ago, someone told me to choose my “no’s” wisely. Like, to ask yourself, why are you saying no? And does it matter. Ox wants a popsicle mid-morning, sure! Finding all the ways to say yes as much as I can, so that when I do need to say NO it has meaning. It has gravity. 

What’s your advice to moms who are starting businesses?


If you have a dream, don’t wait. 

It’s one of the most beautiful things you can do for your own heart, and your family. Doing something that you love and brings you life will filter through your whole being. 

There are a lot of ways for you to build generational wealth for your family, very simply. Small choices and small amounts tucked away strategically can affect your family now and for generations to come.

What products does Wax Buffalo have for kids?

I’m so glad you asked! Our retail shop is stocked full of fun things for kiddos. Right now we have kiddo candle-making kits, play-doh, candy, and hair accessories. Just all kinds of fun goodies! 

Additionally, we offer the Candle Lab which is so fun to do as a family or a fun birthday party idea. 

Where can we find your storefront?

Our retail store is located in the Haymarket here in Lincoln:

727 O Street
Lincoln,  NE 68508

Monday – Saturday, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM 

We make all of our candles here in the production studio behind the candle shop. We have 13 women and my dad on our team. It’s happy and bustling and we’d love to see your beautiful faces for a visit! 

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