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Hop On The Art Bus!

Art is needed. Art is Community. Art is everywhere... thanks to Art Bus LNK.

This is the mission of Art Bus LNK, a traveling art studio that brings free art opportunities to kids and adults. It was an idea that began in 2018 that now has turned into a traveling art bus – and a brick and mortar storefront  – for all people to create and paint. 

First Stroke of Genius 

The idea of Art Bus LNK started when Letura Idigima was a Para-educator at Lincoln High and led some of their after school programs. She quickly learned that many of these young artists had limited or no access to art supplies. Letura began dreaming about the possibility of a free mobile art studio for students and fell in love with the idea. Thanks to Facebook, Letura found a bus for sale and thus began the story of Art Bus LNK.

Avni Srivastav joined Art Bus LNK in March of 2020 just as the pandemic started. She graduated Indiana University with a degree in marketing and has recently started taking clients for her marketing company. When she heard about what her Irving Middle School friend was up to at Art Bus LNK, she knew she wanted to help out! 

Summer Fun Has Only Begun

This summer, Art Bus LNK is beyond excited to start their summer route full of engaging art programs. They are hoping to be in neighborhoods based on elementary schools, and will be at each spot for one day. In the mornings, they plan to go to nonprofit organizations and partnership sessions!

This year, protocols will again be in place for COVID-19 safety, such as: 

  • Wearing a mask 

  • Social distancing

  • Waiver for parents to sign 

Art Bus LNK is Here to Stay

For Avni and Letura, these past few weeks have been nothing short of incredible. They are opening a brick and mortar Art Bus LNK location and they have a brand new bus! Art Bus LNK has recently received much support by way of donations for their summer programming, meaning that more people and kiddos can paint all summer long at no cost. 

"Working and engaging with these kids is unlike anything else. Watching them come up with an idea and taking it to the canvas is something you can't understand until you see it," said Letura

It’s been one year since Avni and Letura have been working together, as well as having the bus. They can’t wait to see what the summer brings – here’s to Art Bus LNK! 

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