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Cake Someone’s Day!

Do you know a child in Lincoln who is having a birthday but might not have the means to celebrate? At Cake My Day, we want all kids to be celebrated on their birthday. Simply nominate a child who needs a birthday to remember, and we’ll get the cake and present sent over in birthday fashion!

What Is Cake My Day

Everyone deserves to have their special day made extra special because they know someone cares about them, especially kids! Yet, many people do not have the means to make that happen, and that’s where we come in. Cake My Day was cooked up as one more way we can honor our sweet niece, Jullia, who was born into heaven on August 4, 2011. We created the Jullia Rose Foundation to help children in need. With the support from Jullia’s foundation and the Wegener Family, Cake My Day gets to help make the day of birthday boys and girls, one cake at a time – in Jullia’s memory.  

How Cake My Day Works

1. Know a Kid Who Deserves a Birthday Cake and Might Not Get One?

First, nominate a child in Lincoln with a birthday coming at and provide information about the special Cake Kid and delivery details. It’s “a piece of cake”, and oh-so-sweet!

2. Our Team of Cake My Day Enthusiasts Take it from Here

Next, we cook up the birthday magic. We order the cake, purchase the gift, coordinate the delivery – and special delivery person if needed! 

3. Double Check the Details

We will then confirm the details with the Cake Kid’s parent or guardian. Be sure to include accurate contact details when filling out the form.

4. Birthday Made!

We love to see the smile on the deserving Cake Kid’s face when they get their special Cake My Day delivery on their birthday. There’s no sweeter feeling than this one! 

How To Get Involved

Want to get involved in the Cake My Day delivery magic? You can be a part of this special organization by donating your resources and time. We are looking for police officers, firefighters, teachers, athletes, artists, political leaders, and local celebrities to deliver cakes and make the day for these Cake Kids!

Let’s bake up some goodness in Lincoln! 

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