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Go Max!

Max Petersen may not be a household name – yet, but he’s been making a name for himself on the baseball field since the young age of five. Over the years, Max attributes setting goals and working hard that helped him achieve his dream of playing for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Baseball program starting this fall. 

We caught up with the shortstop standout prior to his graduation from Lincoln Southwest High School to ask him a few questions about the journey that led him to being recruited by the Huskers’ Baseball team.

Q: When did you start playing baseball?

A:  I started playing T-Ball when I was 5 and then moved on to coach pitch a couple years later with a bunch of friends on a team my dad’s business sponsored. When I turned 8, I started playing select baseball for the Lincoln Rebels.

Q: How many games on average would you play in a summer when you were young, and then when you were older?

A: When I was younger, I would play around 35 games throughout the summer. Now that I’ve gotten older and travel more, I play around 50 games each summer.

Q. Did you attend baseball camps that you really enjoyed?

A: When I was younger I went to the Nebraska Baseball camps at Haymarket Park with all the Husker players and I really enjoyed it. It’s where my love for Husker Baseball slowly started to grow.

Q: What are you looking forward to as a Husker?

A: I am looking forward to staying in Lincoln and being able to play in front of my family and friends. I am also excited about making new friends on the baseball team and all the memories we will make! 

I think it will also be cool to travel around the country and compete against teams for a chance to play in Omaha at the College World Series. I grew up going to the CWS in Omaha and have always dreamed about playing in it as a Husker.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give to little league baseball players?

A: Play as many sports as you can, and have fun with each one!

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