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Where's Karla?

Hello LK families! Karla here, writing you from the New Mexico/Mexico border. We love living the life of tumbleweeds. Every day is a new adventure! We spent the winter in the Southwest, and although the desert has been lovely & warm, we are ready to trade cactuses for pine trees, so we've started planning our northward journey.

We are especially excited for our plans later this summer when we'll meet up with my parents in my mom's old stomping grounds – the redwoods in northern California. We have driven our home through some amazing landscapes and try to go hiking every day to explore them. Kenny has experienced his first pueblos and cliff dwellings, misty waterfall, splash in the ocean, and sparkling, dark caves (one we even got to swim in!). 

We were made for this life on the road. And although some days are hard and filled with lessons galore, we are excited to keep tumbling along to see what's up next for us. Sending you all love from afar! 


karla, bennett, and kenny

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