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Lincoln Kids Magazine • Summer 2021

Dear Lincoln Kids Readers,

I hope you are walking into May with a little pep in your step and hope in your heart. May is a good reminder to celebrate the big milestones and daily wins.

Many of you will attend dance recitals, graduations, baseball games, BMX bike races, and more. I know the effort it takes to “do all the things” is no small feat, so from my corner of the world to yours, I’m cheering you on.

Here’s what we’ve been celebrating at Lincoln Kids:

— Sweet Amaya, Mackenzie’s daughter, turned two

— Sheena, Michelle, Jacque, & Jodi celebrated another circle around the sun

— Lincoln, Sheena’s son, moved up to the green belt in Taekwondo

— Lincoln Kids Creative Director, Sean, accepted the lead role as Gomez Addams in this summer’s production of The Addams Family at Pinewood Bowl

As for my family, I’m celebrating that many of my kids have tried something new and loved it. From debate to cheer to track, they have each found a new place to thrive. What a joy that is to see as a parent.

I hope you find reasons to celebrate this May and every day. As with each edition of Lincoln Kids, may this bring a little joy to your life.

With gratitude,

Christine Weeks, Owner / Publisher

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