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Mighty Kids Genesis Health Club Summer Camps

Attention Parents: You might not be ready to hear this, but It’s time to register your kids for summer camps!

Never fear, this is your trusted source of information for one of the best summer camps in Lincoln, Nebraska – Mighty Kids Summer Camp at Genesis Health Clubs. 

Just keep reading, we can nearly guarantee your stress levels will be reduced, your questions will be answered, and your kids will be excited to spend part or all of their Summer 2021 in Mighty Camp! 

Our Mission

Our Mission here at Genesis is to build competent, capable, problem solvers. Mighty Camp maximizes FUN, while leaving parents proud of their child’s growth. We are a team of youth development professionals who are honored to serve kids during times they are out of school. We understand that our time spent with children gives us the ability to play a role in influencing the person a child becomes. 

We are committed to creating an intentional camp setting to maintain an environment where children are free from evaluation and given a robust opportunity to courageously try something new, fail, and get back up again in a supportive environment. With us, children can feel deeply valued and connected to a community who celebrates them for who they are. We take our opportunity to serve seriously and choose to create change through ridiculously fun camp experiences! 

Our Team

We are a passionate team of youth development professionals who LOVE kids! All Mighty Camp Team Members have completed extensive background checks, are certified in basic First Aid and CPR, and receive extensive training prior to the start of the camp. Rest assured, we hire the best of the best to work with your children.

We are committed to leveraging our intentional camp setting to create an environment where children are free from evaluation and given robust opportunities to courageously try something new, grow and feel deeply valued and connected to a community who celebrates them for who they are. We take our opportunity to serve seriously and choose to create change through ridiculously fun camp experiences!

Our Regional Youth Director, Barbara Scudder-Soucie, shared, “My favorite camp memory was during the end of the season party last year [2020] when we tie-dyed t-shirts, grilled out, swam, and campers got to spray counselors from head to toe with shaving cream. It was a wonderful culmination of the fun we had all summer!” 

Memories such as this are why we are so proud to create lasting memories with your children during the summer. 

Splash into Mighty Kids Camp Details 

At Mighty Kids Camp, we measure our success by the connections made, laughter, high fives, and hugs we witness throughout each camp day. We know we’ve succeeded when each child in our care increases their ability to build and maintain peer relationships, passionately plays within the camp day, and feels a sense of belonging within our Mighty Camp family!

Some fun facts about our summer camp: 

  • Our Mighty Kids Summer Camps last for 12 weeks during summer.

  • We take our kiddos on field trips every week. This year, some field trips will include: The Humane Society, Sheldon Art Gallery, Putt Putt Golf, and so much more. (Camp prices don’t change for field trips days).

  • Our camps are designed for children between the ages of 5 –12 years.

  • Campers will be assigned a camp team with a 12:1 campers to counselor ratio.

  • Our camps include a STEAM-based curriculum, Kids Move Program, Learn to Play Workshops, improv, and swimming every day (except on field trip days)! 

  • Summer 2021 camp locations: Lincoln East (70th & A St) & Genesis Racket Club (5300 Old Cheney Rd.)

  • Our Mighty Kids Camp hours are 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM. Drop off is recommended between 7:30-9:00 AM, as programming starts at 9:00 AM and runs through 4:00 PM. Pick-up is recommended between 4-5:30. We will still have fun from 4-5:30, we just recommend kiddos stay with us until 4:00 PM, to avoid missing out on planned activities.

The foundation of our camp is all about letting kids express themselves in ways they never could have imagined. For our Learn to Play programs, we teach the sport – it's not about being the best – it's about having fun and letting the kids discover the sport with their friends. Our Fun with Food program allows your child to create their own snack that day. The STEAM curriculum is vital for kids, encouraging your kiddo to use their brain and imagination to be creative. 

In all of our programs it’s not about winning or losing – it's about the process of having fun and discovering what your kiddo loves to do. 

Summer 2021 is Almost Here Folks

Our camps are known for their ability to keep kids moving, engaged, and more importantly – safe.

We kept our camp doors open last summer and throughout the summer we followed all federal, state, and local safety guidelines. Because of our mask requirement and other safety protocols, we had no cases of COVID-19 at our camp last summer, and we plan to continue these safe practices this summer. 

We understand that we are another influence in your child's life and we take it very seriously. We encourage kids to have fun, grow, experience new things, and put their words and actions together at camp. 

We believe children do well if they can, meaning children will meet every expectation set for them if they have the skills to do so. In camp, when a child experiences a new challenge or struggles to meet an expectation, we recognize these moments as opportunities to serve youth in cultivating new skills. We firmly believe that children learn best through play and strive to keep camp a playful, zany, environment where they  can let go of the need to achieve and instead grow problem-solving skills through EPIC fun!

Check out our website or call us at for more camp details, we look forward to making memories with your child this summer!

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