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Five Ways To Show Animals You Love Them

by Charleen Engberg & Vickie Sundquist Capital Humane Society

Pets bring their families so much happiness with their unconditional love. You may think that you need to provide special treats or gifts to show you care: however, love really means being there for them and making their care a priority so that they lead healthy, happy lives. Here are five ways to show real love to your pet.

Healthy Diet

Remember to give your pet the correct amount of food to maintain a healthy weight. Some animals that come to Capital Humane Society are very overweight or underweight. People can avoid this by paying attention to the kind and amount of food they are providing. Read food labels and look for healthy ingredients.

Talk to your veterinarian about correct portion size, so you don’t feed too much or too little. Remember that chocolate, raisins, onions, and many other foods that may be okay for people can be toxic to pets. Be smart and put dangerous types of food out of reach so your pet cannot get to them. If you decide to offer a special treat once in a while, research healthy options.

Proper Vet Care

Keep your pets current on vaccinations, regular health exams, and routine deworming. If you need to find a vet, consider asking a family member or friend that you trust for a recommendation. Your pet will need to be seen by a veterinarian for routine wellness exams and if they become ill. Sometimes, a change in behavior may alert you that something is wrong. My normally friendly cat started hissing a lot and not wanting to play. When we took her to the veterinarian, it was determined that she needed some dental work. After she recovered she felt better and went back to being her friendly self. Making sure your companion animal feels good is a very important way to show you care.

Adequate Exercise 

All pets need regular exercise to stay healthy. When selecting a pet for adoption consider how much exercise they need. For example, an active dog will need many walks. Exercise, playtime, and training are very important for your pet’s physical and mental well-being. 

Find safe toys to use and make the time to provide proper exercise, such as interactive playtime. Pets that do not get sufficient exercise may develop inappropriate behaviors, like chewing out of boredom. Training is also a great way to provide stimulation and drains your pet’s energy in a productive way. Animals are smart; people just need to learn how to provide reward-based and consistent direction to bring out the best in them.


Some pets arrive at Capital Humane Society that have not been properly groomed. Their fur may be patchy due to issues like fleas or it may be matted because no one has brushed them. Different species and breeds have varying grooming needs. For example, a poodle will need more attention than a short-haired cat. Research the grooming needs for your pet to make sure you are using the proper tools and products. You may need to have a professional groomer do the work. Your veterinarian can offer great advice on what products work best, as well as information about flea and tick prevention medications to consider. Make sure to keep toenails properly trimmed. This includes not only dogs and cats, but rabbits and guinea pigs as well.


Pets are a long-time commitment. So make sure to adopt an animal that will become a part of your family. Even small companion animals at Capital Humane Society, such as guinea pigs, are looking for forever homes. 

This means a family must prioritize the pet´s proper care.

Before adopting a pet, research their needs and life expectancy. 

Carefully consider if you have the time, space, and means to care for them for their entire lifetime.

The staff at Capital Humane Society appreciates getting updates from our adopters describing how much they adore their new furry friends. It warms our hearts to know how many people truly care about their pets and show their love by making animals feel safe, comfortable, and happy. In sum, our pets know we love them by the actions we take. 

“It reminds me of Winnie the Pooh’s response to Piglet’s question, “How do you spell love?” Pooh said, “You don’t spell it, you feel it.

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