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Lincoln Kids Magazine • Spring 2021

Feb 08, 2021 ● By Sean Flattery

Dear Lincoln Kids Readers and Friends, 

When you are a young parent, you always hear, “It goes by so fast.” But, while you are changing diapers, wiping noses, failing at nap time, and losing the picky eater battle, it can be hard to believe. 

But, it does. 

This February will mark my 18th year of being a MOM. Is that really possible? It’s surreal to type that and silently celebrate my 18th Mom-a-Versary. I don’t think mom-a-versaries are a thing, but I’m willing to start a new trend.

As I’ve been preparing for my oldest child’s high school graduation and sifting through boxes and boxes of photos— because who has time to get that all organized when they are little?— I’ve been so grateful to raise my kids in Lincoln. And, wow, did I keep them busy!

I found pictures of Dawson at Camp Sonshine, Meadowlane Nursery School, The Children’s Museum, Lost in Fun, Lincoln Children’s Zoo, Morrill Hall, Paint Yourself Silly, Nature Center, and all sorts of other kid-friendly places. It’s been so fun to reminisce on all the things we did together and to celebrate the success of these organizations. These places make Lincoln an incredible place to raise kids. 

As you turn the pages of Lincoln Kids this spring, I hope you find a new adventure for your child. Maybe it’s music lessons or exploring one of our 133 Parks. Take the pictures, savor the moments, and enjoy the ride!

Cheering you on at every phase,
Christine Weeks, Owner / Publisher

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