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Lincoln Kids Magazine Fall 2020

Read the latest issue of Lincoln Kids Magazine!

It is soooooo nice to be back in print—but you can always continue to read online, too! 

Thank you to everyone who read the online summer issue and have continued to support local businesses and nonprofits. We are keepin' on keepin' on and your thoughts, gifts, purchases, messages, and online interactions are greatly appreciated.

All the awesome family-friendly businesses that you see on these pages are absolutely in need of your continued attention and support. Please take time to read through the ads and articles, check out advertiser websites, and keep them in mind for now and future use. Tell your friends about LK and share this magazine—this small action supports over 100 local businesses and nonprofits, helping them reach more people. These are the places that make Lincoln one of the best places to raise a family, and we want them to stick around. 

Looking forward, I am enthusiastic and hopeful to see what this next season brings. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year and there are so many unique, seasonal activities that spring from it. I am excited to see what's the same and what's new, and I will be sure to share these with you online. Although I am not going into this season expecting it to be anything like past years, I am looking at it with optimism and excitement. Our kids pick up on our moods and it shapes their mindset, and I want my kid to be happy. My mom always says, "You move towards that of which you think." So mom, I am moving towards happiness and togetherness. There is a lot of fun that awaits this fall—let's make it happen!


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