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Messy house? It's time for a pick-up game!

Jun 13, 2020 ● By Karla Goerl

One, two, three...CAMEL'S SPIT!

Life has been stressy and messy more than usual lately. We're stuck at home more, the days seem to be longer and longer, and now it's miserably hot outside so we have gravitated to the comfort of indoor air-conditioning. Add a messy house on top of it and we can be pretty cranky.

We've been struggling to get Kenny to pick up after himself, but today I remembered a cleaning hack from my babysitting days. Did you play this pick-up game? It's so simple and actually works. I can't believe I forgot about it. What are your tricks for getting the kids to clean up their messes?

Do you have a messy house, too?
Let's Play Camel's Spit! (I have no idea why it's called this, but it's what me and my sisters and the neighborhood kids always said when we played it.)

Make cleaning fun with a pick-up game! Instead of barking orders to get the kids to clean their room, use a game to involve everyone (grown-ups, too). It’s fast-paced and competitive so it’ll get the whole house looking spiffy in no time, and everyone will be laughing instead of groaning while doing it!

How it’s played:
• Everyone takes a seat at the base (sofa for living room, bed for bedroom, etc.)
• To start each race, countdown from three and shout the name of your game!
• Everyone runs off to pick up & put away that game’s specified number of items and races back to the base. 
• The last person back has to pick up an extra two items (I try to lose on purpose several times). 
• Play the game as many times as needed until the room is picked up!

The number of things to pick up depends on the game you choose. And the name of the game is what you shout to start the race!

Chicken’s Chick: 3 items
Camel’s Spit: 5 items
Elephant’s Trunk: 10 items

Customize it by making up your own names or changing the # of items!

I hope it helps you get your kids to help pick up! It worked great with my three-year-old. 
Lots of good cleaning vibes from me to you,

xo Karla
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