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Blackout Tuesday: Anti-racism Parenting Resources

Jun 02, 2020 ● By Karla Goerl

There are a lot of things I have been working so hard on for weeks now and I have been planning to share some with you today, but at this moment, they do not matter.

What matters is doing what we can to break the cycle of racial injustice. I may be a good, inclusive, non-racist, & progressive person, but that does not mean that I do not have implicit bias deeply embedded in my psyche. As a person with a white experience, I must acknowledge this and actively evict it. As an ally, I must encourage others to do the same. It means being uncomfortable and vulnerable. It means being ok with being wrong. It means interrupting the comfort of my life, of my experience, to give respect and space for those without my privilege to help overcome this injustice. It starts with you and me and our children.

Today is Blackout Tuesday. 

Please take today with me to grow in silence. To listen. To plant this seed in our children, water it, care for it, and watch it grow and feed the next generation. The time is now and it’s centuries past due. Please join me in learning, reflecting, and moving forward together to bring true equality to this world.

On this page, this topic is not up for debate, but if you think it is, I hope we can reach you.
Black lives matter.


// Parent-Focused BLM, racial equality, & anti-racism Resources //

• For children’s books featuring people of color:

• For lists of children’s books with topics of racism:…/26-childrens-books-to-support…

• Professional advice from Save the Children to assist you when talking about racism and protests with your children:

• How to Talk to Young Children About The Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles:…/1FAcuXb_XW1SNXl6jgg3rdxy9O5T…/edit

• A collection of resources for parents & caregivers to assist talking about racism and bias:…/talking-about-racism-resour…

• A new educational hub created by the Smithsonian // National Museum of African American History & Culture for talking about race:…/talking-…/audiences/parent-caregiver

• From the NMAAHC database, I found this video particularly helpful in acknowledging and unpacking what it means to be white and how to use this information to take a stand in the Movement for Black Lives:

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