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Lincoln Kids Magazine Summer 2020

May 28, 2020 ● By Karla Goerl

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This edition has a very special place in my heart. As a small business owner facing uncertainty in the pandemic, I had lots of questions, fear, anxiety, and major decisions to make. After stepping away and regrouping, the answer became clear: I needed to give. There is a fire in my heart to support local businesses, families, and our city's economy, and as a marketing platform and family resource, I am in a unique position to do just that. To do my part, I have given away all the ad space in this issue completely free to support family-focused organizations and to provide our community with a well-rounded #supportlocal family resource. 
Please take your time reading this issue. Get to know the businesses and nonprofits featured in it. Follow them online. Learn their name. Help them regain some strength in this upheaval. Let them know you saw them in Lincoln Kids. Local businesses are the heart and soul of our city and I'm grateful and proud to be among them. #lincolnstrong

Want to support over 100 local businesses in one step? Please share this issue online to help our advertisers reach new people.

It's been a journey and a work of heart. I hope you enjoy. Happy summer Lincoln. 


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Lincoln Kids Magazine Summer 2020 Special Edition

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